I made so there would be a place to read and share very short stories about learning to program. It was also an excuse to learn MongoDB and turned out to be really fun.

I’ve since written about the motivation, process, and outcomes:

This article Women 2.0: ILearnedToProgram Shows Computer Science Diversity was a great affirmation of the intent of the project.

Computational Thinking Illustrated

In 2011, Computational Thinking was starting to become a popular term in the world of CS education, but there was confusion about what it meant and difficulty communicating that meaning to students. In collaboration with illustrator Tim Piotrowski, I ran a Kickstarter project to produce freely-available illustrations of Computational Thinking concepts.

Thanks to broad support from the CS education community, programmers, and tech-savvy parents, it only took a few days for us to reach our funding goal. The process of creating the illustrations and accompanying text took about six months, and the site is live at

I wrote on my teaching blog about the inspiration and goals for the project. Some of the cartoons appeared in the June 2012 Issue of ACM Inroads, illustrating an article by Amy Briggs and Owen Astrachan entitled The CS Principles Project.


“A standalone application written in Java that sends and receives OSC packets via UDP, translates bidirectionally between binary OSC packets and an XML encoding of OSC packets, and sends and receives XML entities via TCP in a way that’s compatible with Flash’s XMLSocket feature.”