Summer of 99

The Summer of ’99 is dedicated to all those whose love and energy made this combination of music and time and place so special to me. Karen, Brett, Jed, Matt, Anthony, Mac, Raquel, Julia, Ben, Karla, Jill, Toshi, Jenny, and the rest of our comrades… thank you.


Side 2

(download side 1, side 2)

Side 1
Mass in Orbit – Fear (T.B.A. Mix)
Future State – Now is the Time (4AM Mix)
Joshua Ryan – Pistol Whip
Kaistar – The Promethian Groove (Aurora Remix)
Cosmic Dancer – Cosmic Dancer
Blue – Losing Control

Side 2
Auratone – Falling
Con – Let It Go
Voices of Kwahn A.D. – Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo
Liquid Child – Diving Faces (Thumper Remix)
Markus Schula – Rude World (Inertia’s Cosmic Mix)