Because I get sick of the records I play all the time, here are 10 underplayed tracks in 40 minutes. No hip-hop samples, no ragga vocals, no pop song remixes–just hard technical breakbeats, mixed rough, tough, and precise

(download mp3)

Bionic - Average Teenager
T-Boy - King of the Land (Terminalhead Mix)
The Disciple Grin - Complicate the Sequence
Future Funk Squad - Press the Button
Rhoca - Grab the Joystick
Punks - She Not In
Cursor Miner - Baby Universe
The Phat Conductor - Ice 9 (Scissorkicks Kicks Mix)
Tipper - Pringle Guts
The Disciple Grin - Odditease (Transformer Man’s Blueberry Muffin Recipe)