This mix is among other things, for every thing has other things among which it may be found or placed. Bounds built of language cannot enclose all. Diagonalization, then, is a survival strategy. Remember: the members of an infinite set are still themselves distinct. We are nothing if not discrete, yet nothing if we remain orthogonal. Diagonalization, then, is a reshaping for deeper understanding.

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Erykah Badu – Danger (ft. China Blac)
Ill Gates and Meesha – Sweatshop
Mochipet – Turbo Thizz Petnation
La Roux – Bulletproof
TV on the Radio – DLZ
UGK ft. Outkast – International Players Club
Mux Mool – Death 9000 (Machinedrum Remix)
Mistah F.A.B. – New Oakland
Jonny L – Back to Your Roots (DJ Friction and K Tee Remix)
The Streets – Blinded by the Lights (Nero Remix)
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Pretty Lights – More Important Than Michael Jordan
Sean Paul – Gimme The Light
FM Fatale – Heart to Give (Bloody B Remix)
Amplive – Video Tapez (ft. Del the Funky Homosapien)
Subvert – Speaker Humpin
Milanese – Caramel Cognac
Rye Rye ft. MIA – Bang (Nacey Remix)
Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me (instrumental)
Boy 8-Bit – Fogbank
Blue Mar Ten – Anytime Soon
TImonkey – Back to the One
KiloWatts – First Snow
Jurassic 5 – Gotta Understand
shipwrek & benchun – Thursday Nights